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The song is "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina". Fantastic music on a fantastic instrument.

The Classic Theatre, a lost treasure from Dayton, Ohio.

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Q: What would it be a good idea for me to wear to the theater?

A: We don’t have an official clothing regulation; on the other hand we would support agreeable, keen easygoing wear.


Q: Could I smoke inside the theater?

A: Smoking is not allowed anyplace inside Ritz Theater.


Q: What is the running time of the show?

A: The running time of our Mainstage and Independence Studio on 3 exhibitions change by show. For particular data on your show, please visit the show page and search for the running time in the right-hand sidebar. Ritz Theater for Kids creations run give or take one hour and don’t have an interlude.


Q: Do you have a coat check?

A: We need you to be comfortable. Lockers are strategically placed in the mezzanine level hall territory where you can store your jackets and different things.


Q: In the event that I can’t go to my show, would I be able to get a discount or trade?

A: We don’t offer discounts on tickets. Endorsers can trade their tickets, or give their tickets back to the theater for an assessment deductable gift, up to 24 hours preceding their execution. In the event that it is over 24 hours prior to your execution, single ticket purchasers may trade their tickets to another execution of the same show for $10 per ticket, in addition to any appropriate update expenses.


Q: Are your shows fitting for youngsters?

Q: Folks know their youngsters best. A large portion of our shows have played on Broadway and numerous have been made into motion pictures. On the off chance that you are stressed over specific subjects, a little web examination will help you choose what shows are best for your crew. On the off chance that you have an inquiry regarding show substance, don’t hesitate to contact a ticketing administrations delegate at 215-574-3550.


Q: How would I get the best seats?

A: Endorsers get the best seats and best rebates. They get the chance to keep their seat areas quite a long time, or have the choice to change their seat area by restoring early. Restorations start in right on time January, and new supporters are situated starting in June. Seating solicitations are tackled a first-come, first- served premise.


Q: Are there gadgets for the in need of a hearing aide?

A: The Walnut offers gadgets to help the listening to impeded for Mainstage exhibitions. Infrared listening to enhancers are accessible in the hall on a first-come, initially served premise; amounts are constrained. ASL-translated, sound depicted and open-inscribed exhibitions are accessible for specific exhibitions. Kindly view individual show timetables for extra data.


Q: Is the theatre air conditioned?
A: Yes.


Q: Can I take photos or record the show?

A: No photography or recording gadgets are allowed in the theater.


Q: Is there show stock accessible?

A: The Ritz Theater’s blessing shop has a heavenly exhibit of show keepsakes, showy stock and polished adornments. The blessing shop is open one hour before mainstage exhibitions, at break and after the show.