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The song is "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina". Fantastic music on a fantastic instrument.

The Classic Theatre, a lost treasure from Dayton, Ohio.

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By making a noble support through your home, you are ensuring that the Ritz Theater will keep on enchanting audiences with momentous stories, convincing human inquiries, extraordinary characters and cheerful entertainment into what’s to come. Whether you have been a piece of our story or as of late went along with us, your effort and kindness for the Ritz is everything you need to begin arranging your blessing to us. There are a wide range of methods to make an arranged support to us: from naming our theater in your will into working with us to make a blessing that is financially profitable to you. By arranging your support for the future, you not just keep control of your benefits amid your lifetime, you can likewise completely reduce the domain that forces your beneficiaries to pay.



Regular variations in expense help measures the individual conditions that quickly survey the charitable giving of numerous people all the time. Ritz Theater will always be thankful for your yearly financial support. On the other hand, the following planned gift choices may offer other ways to acquire charge reduction while giving a long-lasting donation to Ritz Theater.