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The song is "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina". Fantastic music on a fantastic instrument.

The Classic Theatre, a lost treasure from Dayton, Ohio.

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Mission Statement

Picture of ritz theater mission statement

Mission Statement

Ritz Theater envisions to maintain the tradition of a professional and skilled theater for its future practicality and essentiality.

To achieve this goal, our theater works to engage, awaken, entertain and challenge groups of spectators with magnificent creations that range from the classics to new work of art. We also prepare and support the up and coming era of theater craftsmen. We give expression training workshops that develop long-term learning and we commend the vital power of a theater to light up and inspire our mankind.

It does as such through:

  • the creation and presentation of a professional theater;
  • the consolation, preparation and improvement of specialists;
  • the development of the variety of audiences; and
  • the conservation and recording of its theater which creates a national memorable point of interest



We sustain creative ability and stage motivation through the control of potentialities and techniques to make familiar, genuine, and sincere unique narration that enlightens the unpredictability of the human soul and inquiries recognized in sight.

Polished skill

Great dreams and substantial commitment and persistence provides ourselves the drive to prepare and practice: we seek after the unbelievable.

Coordinated effort

We victor the curious voice of every craftsman and artist and we make progress towards the aggregate vision of our goals. Working in equalization, we lead the commitments and achievements of the individual and of the group.


We struggle with the most convincing issues of our time to determine new understanding for the advancement of the human condition. In this manner, we encourage interest, creation, courage, and expertise. We likewise risk and gain from disappointment, so as to advance rational development and individual revelations as deep rooted propensities.

Differing Qualities

We cheerfully grasp the diversities that enrich our public and upgrade our mastery, which aims to influence and inspire mankind.


We love and appreciate the moral and enlivening trade of mind and soul with one another together with the gathering of people, the field, and the world.