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The song is "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina". Fantastic music on a fantastic instrument.

The Classic Theatre, a lost treasure from Dayton, Ohio.

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Individual Giving

Picture of ritz theater having sponsors and supporters

Individual Giving

As a non-benefited theater, the Ritz depends on the generosity and kindness of a huge number of supporters and sponsors to help us provide our group the ideal and best theater and theater training. These benefactors, known as “Heavenly attendants,” sustain our extensive variety of programs—from our main stage to our studio and to our instructional activities.

As a manner for expressing our gratefulness, the Ritz Theater offers a wide variety of theater-arts related rewards to the majority of our contributors. These prizes are a little token of our appreciation in the interest of the thousands who benefit from your generosity.

Our programs are maintained, to an extent, through produced income from ticket sales, visiting payments and instruction registrations. Benefactors assume a serious part too, allowing us to protect and sustain the level of greatness and reputation you’ve started to expect from Ritz Theater. These commitments likewise help us offer a generous funding program and give sponsored tickets to class groups.

Thank you for all the ways you support the theater. For purchasing tickets, for taking part in our workshop projects and for telling friends and acquaintances about us.