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“Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina”

Dennis Werkmeister’s Carriage House “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina”

The song is “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina”. Fantastic music on a fantastic instrument. This organ was one of the two finest organs I have ever heard, The other was the Shady Nook WLW-Moon River organ, both in Ohio. I know it looks like a still picture, but the organ is playing live through it’s computer relay. The organist is one of the finest in the world.

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The Classic Theatre

The Classic Theatre, Dayton Ohio “I’m Old Fashioned”

The Classic Theatre, a lost treasure from Dayton, Ohio. The theatre was located on West Fifth St. An empty lot is there now. These are probably the last photos taken of the theatre before it was destroyed. I’m Old Fashioned.┬áThese are just some of my local theatre photos. This is not a history of the theatres. These are my memories of these fabulous theatres.
The song is “I’M OLD FASHIONED” by Jerome Kern, played by Gary Smith on a 1961, Gulbransen, Rialto K, Theatre organ

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